The HCG Guidebook

The HCG Guidebook

The HCG Guidebook is written for people who want to do the HCG diet correctly. This easy-to-read book outlines the basics of the diet and makes it easy to know what to do, and when to do it.

Written by two psychologists with over 1,100 HCG diet clients and based entirely on real-life experience and best practices, The HCG Guidebook will answer just about every question you have about the HCG diet.

Praise for The HCG Guidebook:

Let's face it, Dr. Simeon's ebook is a little bit of a dry read for most of us. Authors Tony & Felicia have successfully created a great ebook for the rest of us who just want to know how in the heck to do the HCG diet correctly, easily and simply.

This book is so well written that I never lost interest - read it straight through! It gives all the details needed for the diet along with personal author and client experiences and stories that are inspiring and motivating. And I absolutely LOVE the great recipes... that was a wonderful bonus! Love it. If you are considering doing the HCG diet, this is book is a MUST read.
I love the way you take the protocol and turn it into a living life model. It's wonderful. You've working with it to enhance your lives as well as make your weight manageable and health stronger. At first look, the protocol is limiting, but your book has a unique way of making this a lively approach to health and wellness. It no longer seems limiting.

I've read the other books and done the protocol. This work in unique because it is all about losing the weight and living a lighter and happier life. No better way to shake cravings and learn. It truly links mind, body, spirit and holistic insights.

I've tried the injections and the homeopathic drops you offer. I found the drops easier and just as effective. But this book is a great way to invest the time suddenly freed from cravings.....great job!